Wasp Nest Removal Haverhill

Are you in the Haverhill area and tired of living in fear of buzzing wasps around your property? Say goodbye to the menace of Wasps with our specialised Haverhill wasp nest removal services. At Eraserpest, we’re dedicated to providing swift and efficient solutions to rid your home or business of Wasps.

With years of experience in pest control in the Haverhill area, our team has in-depth knowledge of wasp behavior and habitats. We understand the complexities of wasp infestations and employ proven strategies to eliminate them swiftly and effectively.

We also recognise that every wasp infestation is unique, which is why we tailor our approach to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with a small wasp nest in your Haverhill garden or a larger infestation around your property, we have the wasp nest removal expertise to handle it.

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    How to get rid of wasps?

    Eraserpest are trained experts in wasp nest removal and treating wasp nests across Haverhill and surrounding areas. Using Eraserpest for wasp pest control will reduce the risk of you getting stung and eliminate the wasps in one treatment, enabling you to enter the affected area in the shortest time possible.

    Wasp Nest Removal Haverhill

    To treat Haverhill wasps there is no need to remove the wasp nest, the treatment of the nest and nesting wasps will eliminate the problem. Eraserpest do offer wasp nest removal after 48hours of the nest being treated or a survey to prove the nest is no longer active. Some nests are not able to be removed because of access but as long as treated there will be no further wasp issues.

    Our wasp nest treatment follows a 2 or 3-step programme

    1. Survey the area where wasps have been seen, if the nest has not been found by the client, find the nest.
    2. Carry out the treatment to the wasp nest.
    3. Return a minimum of 48 hours later to remove the treated wasp nest if possible (this does incur an additional charge)

    All our wasp nest removal treatments are guaranteed, and we offer products and advice to catch further wasp infestations and prevent new nests being formed.

    If you have a wasp nest issue contact Eraserpest straight away who will be with you within 24 hours to carry out the treatment.

    We can help with wasp nest removal in Haverhill – get your free quote today.

    Some Facts About Wasps

    The Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris)

    • The common wasp is one of the most frequent species encountered in the UK.
    • They have distinctive yellow and black stripes on their bodies.
    • Nests are often found in sheltered spots such as roof spaces, sheds, and bushes.
    • They are social insects, living in colonies with a queen and workers.
    • Common wasps are known for their aggressive behavior, especially when their nest is disturbed.

    The Lifecycle of a Wasp

    • Wasps have an annual lifecycle, with new queens produced in the autumn before the colony dies off in the winter.
    • The new queens hibernate over the winter months, emerging in the spring to start the cycle anew.
    • Worker wasps are sterile females responsible for foraging, caring for the queen’s offspring, and defending the nest.
    • Towards the end of summer, the colony produces new queens and males, which mate before the old colony dies off.

    We can help with wasp nest removal across Haverhill – get your free quote today.