In recent weeks, the UK Government has released a roadmap for returning to work post lockdown this 2021. With many ‘unessential’ businesses set to reopen on the 12th April, this can be a cause for celebration. 

However, after months of lockdown, closed businesses and unused premises, there may be some unwelcome visitors when you return to work in the coming weeks. Have you revisited work to find vermin or a pest infestation? Perhaps you have seen some of the tell-tale signs such as gnaw marks and faeces, or even seen their presence?

In this blog we will address how you can deal with an unwelcome pest or vermin infestation to ensure your business can reopen safely. 


Causes of Commercial Pest Infestation

When government guidelines instructed businesses to close up shop and stay at home at short notice, this resulted in many premises being overrun by pests. But what causes a commercial pest infestation?

Neglecting maintenance

Without regular maintenance, commercial premises can become inhabited by pest infestations. With winter just passing, pests will have been seeking somewhere warmer and dryer to nest, and without regular human activity, your business may have been an ideal spot. If commercial buildings have holes or cracks, this can lead to unwelcome visitors on your return. 

Neglecting regular cleaning

Similarly with maintenance, if commercial premises are without regular cleaning pests can soon overrun. In particular, without regular hoovering, carpet moth infestation is common. You can read more about getting rid of carpet moths on our blog ‘How To Get Rid Of Moths’ here. 

Left food

We are seeing this problem frequently with closed cafes, bars and restaurants. Where premises were told to close with short notice, food and drinks may have been left unattended. This makes it a hot spot for rats and mice who are attracted to food substances, and aren’t afraid to chew through boxes to get there. If this sounds all too familiar, you can read our blogs on ‘How To Get Rid Of Mice’ and ‘How To Get Rid Of Rats’ here. 

Build-up of waste and rubbish

As with food, the build up of refuse has been another frequent cause of commercial pest infestation this 2021. With a build-up of waste providing food and shelter in ample supply, pests and rodents are able to breed and keep their young alive and thriving, further adding to your infestation problem.


Signs of a Commercial Pest Infestation

Pest droppings

If you have returned to work to see pest droppings. It is more than likely that you are in the midst of a pest infestation. In particular, mouse or rat droppings are easy to spot and diagnose, other pest droppings are a little harder to identify.

If you suspect you have pest droppings in your business, make sure you call out an expert to help conduct a thorough inspection, and create a solution plan for ridding your business of pests. 

Evidence of nesting

Rodents, in particular, will create nests out of substances such as newspaper, cardboard, grass or leaves. These will often be in discreet and hard to reach areas such as roofs, under floors and in between walls. For this reason, a thorough inspection is recommended to locate and safely remove nests before resuming business. 

Physical damage 

Potentially one of the first signs you’ll spot of a commercial pest infestation is physical damage. Depending on the pest, this can come in many forms. Including chew marks, damaged wiring or furniture from mice or rat infestations, small holes in walls and floors from termite infestation, or bald patches on carpets from carpet moth. 


Commercial Pest Control Services

Here at Eraserpest we offer local commercial pest control services to the areas of Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk. We know that a commercial pest infestation can lead to product loss, premises damage, health and safety risks, and ultimately loss of profit and reputation, and in some instances, even prosecution. 

If you would like to book a free call out where we can inspect the damage and offer you a quote, do not hesitate to contact us on or call us on 07572458216.