Cockroaches are robust and will survive on minuscule particles left from nearly any food source so we would recommend hoovering a minimum of 2-3 times per week. More if you can. This would include behind all your furniture where possible. Hoovering behind your fridge/freezer and oven would be hugely beneficial too. Spillages or crumbs must be tided as soon as they have been noticed. Carrier bags/ handbags/ luggage/ briefcases/ laptop cases etc must also be cleared and checked just as frequent to ensure they are not being used as carriers or food sources. 


Below are more guidelines Eraserpest would highly recommend you follow: 

  • Cockroaches use a pheromone in their droppings as a signal to others they have found a safe place to hide and nest. Removing any clutter such as newspapers, magazines, packaging and cardboard will prevent droppings accumulating within one area. Removing excess clutter will also help reduce the places where cockroaches can hide.
  • Use airtight containers for storing food. The smell of food is an important factor in attracting cockroaches. Using airtight containers will help prevent cockroaches detecting potential food sources within your home.
  • Rinse out residue from bottles, cans and plastics before recycling. Leftover food or liquid at the bottom of containers attract cockroaches by the smell and liquid content. It’s very easy for cockroaches to crawl into your bins, and then be unknowingly transferred into your home.
  • Empty bins every day. Bins will attract cockroaches as they offer a range of food for them. By emptying your bins daily this will reduce opportunities for cockroaches to find food and shelter and potentially breed in your property.

Although these guidelines seem extreme and time consuming it’s incredibly important to follow them as best you can to reduce the risk of the cockroaches invading your home or business any longer.