How do rats get in your house?

We know how stressful it is finding rats in your home. They can quickly invade your space and make you feel uneasy and quite rightly so! For many reasons rats are unwanted visitors and its often questioned why they want to use your home as their new residence. The answer is quite simple. Rats want to be in your house because its warm, dry and an easy food source. Next question.. How are rats getting into your house? they are finding access points from the outside. This could be via the smallest unthinkable spot. These fury little critters can squeeze into a hole as small as a 10p. Yes a 10p! Crazy isn’t it. You would easily overlook these tiny holes when searching the outside of your property. Think broken pipes, air vents, roof soffits and so on. Our pest control technicians are expertly trained in finding access points and tracking the rats activity so we can find out exactly where they have come from and where they are going.

Another thing to consider is that rats like to chew and are fierce diggers, So even if it takes a little time a rat can soon find a way. Even if you are convinced there are no access points for rats to get into your house, they maybe be busy underground. Waste pipes are a great entry point, and we see only to often that nightmare scenario of a rat climbing up the toilet. Yes, it really does happen! Rats need to be constantly chewing to keep their teeth manageable which means once rats are in your home, they can cause significant damage not only to your property but belongings and your electrics. For obvious reasons this can be catastrophic. We should not forget the endless health risks rats bring with them when residing as your new lodgers too. They are renowned for carrying many disease that can be fatal to you and your family. As always we really advise seeking professional help if you find any rat activity in your home or garden. Let the professionals take of it for you.

Here are some frequently asked questions that you may find useful when finding yourself with a rat problem –


How do rat’s get in your attic?

Rats get into your attic through various open places around your house. Loose tiles, holes in your roof or damage on the building itself can make for easy entry. Don’t forget, rats can squeeze through the smallest of spaces, so the entry point needn’t be very big. Rats can squeeze through a hole as small as a ten pence piece! It’s important that you check around your property and keep up with any building maintenance to avoid an infestation. Eraserpest offer pest proofing solutions to ensure your property is not only free from pests but prevents them gaining access in the future. Rats in your attic are a nuisance and cause catastrophic damage especially if they are left for a period. Why? Because they breed, meaning one rat in your attic will soon turn into a rat infestation. If you suspect rats in your attic, then don’t delay in seeking professional help. If like most, you use the attic as storage then you will be keen to keep those items clean and safe.


Can rats climb walls?

Yes, rats climb walls. Rats and mice are renowned for being excellent climbers and a vertical rough textured wall is an easy assignment. Not only can rats climb walls they are excellent at wriggling and shimmying between walls and drains. Look at our social media pages where you find videos of rats climbing walls.



How to get rid of rats?

Eraserpest have several solutions to remove rats from your property all of which will be discussed with you in detail. Our team is expertly trained, and our treatment process is tailored to your specific needs ensuring you can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the rat issue getting rid of rats is often a process that takes a little time and is rare for the rats to be gone within one visit. You should expect a minimum of  3 visits from your pest control technician to ensure the rats are under control.