How to Remove a Wasp’s Nest

Summer is on its way! However, we aren’t the only ones excited, there is one pest that loves the sun just as much as we do…wasps.

You might be tempted to act yourself but don’t be mistaken, wasps can become very aggressive and dangerous when they feel threatened. If you try to remove a wasp nest with ‘do it yourself’ wasp treatments you not only expose yourself to a high risk of getting stung but also a high chance they will come back in the future.

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How to get rid of wasps?

The location of a wasp nest is usually the reason why you have a wasp problem. There is no need to remove the wasp nest, the treatment of the nest and nesting wasps will eliminate the problem.

Here at Eraserpest we follow a 2 to 3 step programme:

  1. Survey the area where wasps have been seen if the nest has not been found by client, and find the nest.
  2. Carry out the treatment to the wasp nest.
  1. Return a minimum of 48 hours later to remove the treated wasp nest if possible (this does incur an additional charge). A wasp nest should not be removed directly after being professionally treated with insecticide as it can take several days for foraging worker wasps to return to the nest. As wasps return and enter the nest they will also be contaminated by the treatment and die off, thus ensuring the whole colony is effectively treated.

Early treatment of a wasp nest will help to keep you and your family safe from painful stings.


How to Avoid Wasp Nests Returning?

It is important to note that not all wasps nest can be removed. This can be because of access, such as wasp nests within wall cavities. However, as long as the nest is treated there will be no further wasp issues. A new queen won’t reuse a nest; however, they could build another nest if the location remains suitable for them, this is why treatment is crucial to preventing a problem in the future.

Making changes to your behaviour and how you handle food and drink outdoors can also help to deter this stinging pest.

All our wasp nest treatments are guaranteed, and we offer products and advice to catch further wasps and prevent new nests being formed.

If you have a wasp issue, contact Eraserpest straight away. We will be with you within 24 hours to carry out the treatment.

Wasps - Eraserpest

How to Remove a Wasp Nest Yourself?

If you are adamant that you can and want to remove a wasp nest yourself, you should only attempt to use DIY treatments under the following conditions:

  • If the nest is small, on your property and easy to access.
  • If you discovered the nest in early Spring and the nest is still small (size of a golf or tennis ball).
  • If there is minimal wasp activity around the nest.
  • If you are NOT allergic to wasp stings.
  • Always wear protective clothing, goggles, gloves and a dust mask when dealing with a wasps nest, however small it may be.