Top 5 March Pests:

Eraserpest addresses various pests during the month, with a focus on rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels.

Here are our top 5 March Pests-


Rats carry diseases, they can start fires and cause other damage by chewing through cables. They kill other wildlife and an infestation will breed and spread rapidly. In gardens, bird feeding, compost heaps, and animal droppings are the main causes of their presence. You may see rats during daylight hours but they prefer to operate at night. Runs are identified by a lack of vegetation, smear marks, footprints, and packed down earth. Rats lie in burrows dug into the earth and can cause damage by collecting nesting materials and soiling food with urine, faeces, and hair. The burrows resemble small rabbit holes. They may dig the burrows in earth or in compost heaps but they are adaptable and make use of areas under sheds or inside buildings. To find out more about controlling rats you can follow this link – How to get rid of Rats


Mice commonly heard in loft spaces, travel in wall cavities to all parts of the house, especially areas with food. Follow pipes’ routes throughout a house, occasionally seen during daylight. Hear them in the quiet loft, particularly at night. Wondering what they eat? Spiders, woodlice, insects, and air-born seeds. Highly adaptable, changing behaviour to fit the environment. Consume human or pet food, contaminating surfaces with faeces potentially causing salmonellosis. More tolerant than rats but carry similar diseases, more likely to transmit due to their bold and curious nature. To find out about mice control you can follow the following link – How to get rid of mice


Squirrels entering a loft space can cause structural damage by tearing up insulation, chewing timbers, and electrical wiring, posing fire hazards and contamination risks. Keeping squirrels out of lofts and gardens is crucial due to their destructive behaviour. Grey Squirrels are classified as vermin, and releasing a trapped one is illegal. During March, they will begin to look for somewhere to build a nest. Your roof space could be the perfect spot! To find out how to deter squirrel from your property follow the link here – Pest Proofing


Ants often enter homes in search of sweet substances, posing no threat to human health but can be a nuisance in large numbers. The issue of multiple nests makes targeting and eliminating a single nest less effective. As the temperatures rise during March you will likely see ants appearing in your garden and home. To find out more about Ants you can follow this link – Ant Control

Cluster Flies

On sunny days, you might observe flies trapped behind your windows or basking in the sunshine on your property. These could be Cluster Flies seeking warmth in your building during colder days. Their strong homing instinct will bring them back as the weather cools, so consider scheduling a fumigation for your loft spaces. To find out more about cluster flies you can click here – How to get rid of Cluster Flies

So there are our Top 5 March Pests. To find out what is going on in April can find it here – PESTS TO WATCH OUT FOR IN APRIL

If you discover Bees in your property please refrain from calling pest control. Instead, please contact our sister company who are specialists in removing bees alive and rehoming them. You can find out more information here –