Local Pest control in Suffolk

Do you live in or around Suffolk? we’ve got your pest control needs covered. Whether it’s your home or business, a pest infestation can be devastating. Acting quickly is the best way to minimise damage and prevent future problems. Eraserpest is a family run pest control company, offering pest control services in Suffolk.

Our aim is to provide an efficient, cost-effective, and varied methods of pest control, using traditional and modern techniques to achieve results.

Clothes MothRatsMice
Tinea PellionellaRat Pest Control
Moths can cause a lot of damage to carpets, clothes and other materials in homes and businesses. There are 2 main moth species that cause damage and it is moth larvae that can be the most destructive.

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Its important to eliminate a rat infestation quickly, rats can spread disease, cause damage, and contaminate food

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Mice can stay hidden in your home for some time before being discovered, by this point serious damage could already be done.

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Bed BugsCarpet BeetleFleas
They can be prolific through flats, terraced and semi detached houses as they will follow pipe work and wiring from one property to another to find a blood host to feed from. If you think you have bed bugs be sure to get rid of them quickly before the infestation gets worse.

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Carpet beetles are taking over as the number one destructive textile pest. Infestations are notably difficult to eradicate since it’s nearly impossible to remove their food source, which is your carpets, furniture and even your pet’s fur.

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Flea pupae can also lay dormant in flooring, skirting boards and even furniture before becoming active once you’ve moved in or brought second hand furniture home. If you think you have a flea infestation, make sure you get rid of them quickly before the infestation gets too large.

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Domestic & Commercial Pest control in Suffolk

We are experienced in both domestic and commercial pest control, we offer a discreet and professional service, from rooms sprayed in your house for bed bugs or an area in your commercial property treated for rats, we provide preventative steps to ensure an infestation does not return.

Eraserpest offer a fast response and hassle-free service at a cost-effective rate in and around Suffolk. If you are looking to review your pest control contract, contact us for an informal n-obligation discussion.

What Pests do we treat?

We have treatment solutions for a number of pests in your area.

Ants, bed bugs, wasps, birds, carpet beetles, cluster flies, cockroaches, fleas, moths, woodworm, moles, rats, mice, squirrels, foxes, and rabbits.

If you are having issues with another  type of pest, get in touch.

Why use Erasrer pest as your local Suffolk Pest Control Services?

No Call-Out Charge & Free QuotationExcellent FeedbackFull Qualified
With calls answered 7 days a week you can be sure your pest problem will be dealt with swiftly.As a local business, customer satisfaction is very important, to ensure you are in safe hands, check out some of our testimonials.James is fully qualified, D.B.S. checked and insured to carry out any pest issue you find in your home or business.