Whether its late at night or early in the morning, noises in the loft can be a worrying and a strong sign that you have some sort of wildlife living in your home.

Lofts are often perfect environments for rodents and insects where they will damage all sorts of items. You can investigate these areas quickly but if you think or find evidence of an infestation, call an expert to come give an evaluation.

Why do animals’ nest in lofts?

Animals are attracted to safe, warm and dry places to rest, a loft is a perfect area for that, offering them shelter from predators and depending on the pest, a reliable food source.

Aside from the obviously scratches in the night and chewing on your stored items, pests in the loft also pose a health threat to you and your loved ones. If they chew through wiring, this can create a serious fire hazard. For these reasons, it’s very important that you deal with these noises, contacting a professional is the best step to doing this.

What wildlife is making the noise?



  • Sound: Common bird and flapping noises
  • Visual: Dropping on the floor
  • Most birds are protected, once the young have flown the nest then holes in the building can be blocked up to prevent further problems


  • Sound: Scratching and crawling noises
  • Visual: Hard dropping around 1/2cm to 2 cm in length
  • Rats are one of the most common loft intruders, they come in from the outside through breaches in the wall or up through the sewers. Although it is unlikely, they will find any food, they will chew through mostly anything


  • Sound: Scratching and Gnawing
  • Visual: Thin dropping around 1/2cm in length
  • Unlike rats, mice can live full time in the loft, they feed on insects and seeds which are blown in. They carry many of the same diseases as rats so it is just as important to clear them out



  • Sound: Scratching and shrill squeaks
  • Visual: Round dropping, 1 to 2 cm in length
  • Surprisingly squirrels can cause the most damage in the loft, they will chew on basically everything they can get their claws on


Wasps or Flies

  • Sound: Buzzing
  • Visual: Numerous insects around windows and spaces in the floor
  • The most common loft intruders tend to be insect nests, especially during the summer months. They can be a nuisance to clear out, we would recommend contacting a professional


If you are hearing noises at night, it is likely to be a rodent, whereas sounds during the day are likely insects or squirrels.

How much does pest control cost?

For a quote on pest control, do not hesitate to contact us via email at contact@eraserpest.com or call us on 07572 458216.