When it comes to dealing with birds, they have to be treated in a different way to other sorts of pests such as rats or mice.  While an infestation of rats will be eliminated through poisoning or trapping, killing birds is more problematic for practical (and for some people, ethical) reasons.

Bird proofing can be particularly difficult when the problem affects surfaces like the face of buildings, statues, monuments and signage. Bird proofing on historic and listed buildings requires sensitive work so as not to affect the building structure long term and to limit any change to the aesthetics of the property.

Our bird proofing treatments follow a 3-step programme

  1. Carry out a professional survey to work out the level and methods of proofing required.
  2. Use the appropriate proofing products to effective set up bird deterrents.
  3. Advise you on ways of maintaining proofing measures to prevent future problems.